Eggs Shares

Our chickens are out on pasture all day long, scratching around the way chickens are supposed to.  They are truly free-range.  They follow behind the cows, eating what the cows leave behind as well as fly larva, tasty worms and bugs. They are fed a non-GMO, soy and corn free all natural pellet to supplement the pasture they are on.  They get moved to a new spot on pasture about every week.  Their manure fertilizes our pastures, making our pastures grow green and lush. At night they are locked in the chicken tractor to protect them from predators.  Eggs from pastured chickens are higher in vitamins A & E as well as omega 3's and contain less cholesterol  and saturated fat than a store bought egg. 

We are offering egg shares.  Fill out the form below to order your eggs. Please let us know if you want eggs weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, and be sure and tell us how many dozen you want!  

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